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Nobis at-a-Glance

  • • Celebrating more than 27 years in business
  • • Employee-owned company
  • • 100+ professionals
  • • MBE, DBE in multiple states
  • • Voted "Best Firm to Work For"

Nobis is an intelligent, values-focused leader poised for continued growth in both established and emerging markets.

Our Company

Nobis was ranked among Zweig White's 2014 Best Firms to Work For. In 2014, we also celebrated 25 years in business and ten years as an employee-owned company. We are growing each day, through the combined talents of our people. Since we are a multi-disciplinary firm, we offer a wide variety of services.

Our People

Nobis’ work culture is one that fosters teamwork, trust, integrity, and a commitment to excellence. Our organizational structure is unique in that we are a linear/flat organization.

Nobis encourages and empowers people to get involved and influence decisions that they are passionate about. We provide tools and forums to get involved. This empowerment is the single greatest contributor to the overall morale of the company. Our people know that they have a say and a venue to improve or influence change at any level.

Employee Ownership

Nobis practices an open book management culture. Our game plan has been to openly share and teach our financials to employees, issue an Employee Stock Option Plan (ESOP), and strive to be an employer of choice. We do this by rewarding our employees with great pay, stock ownership, profit sharing, individual and team performance incentives, leadership and spot bonuses, and additional days off.

We believe that our open book culture drives many of our core goals—one being that happy employees make happy clients.

We have collaborative committees managing vital aspects of the business: marketing, operations, budgeting, health and safety, benefits, social events, community involvement, corporate culture, and strategic planning. Results have included overall company growth, employee growth, low employee turnover, repeat client business, and high employee participation in community service opportunities.

Challenging Projects

Our teams work across service lines to provide the best products; where possible, this collaboration also facilitates cross-training opportunities in or exposure to the different disciplines. We believe in promoting from within and through our internal postings, employees can view potential opportunities throughout the company.

Family- and Life-Friendly Atmosphere

Nobis is a sensitive and family-oriented company. We understand the demands of family/personal life. The flex-time benefit, allowing employees to set their own schedules around their individual family and work obligations, is the best possible contribution to the balance of family and work.

Professional Development, Training and Educational Assistance

All Nobis employees are encouraged and given the means to develop their careers through a variety of professional growth opportunities. A training team has been established at Nobis. The objective is to help identify training programs through semester-length courses, short-courses, meetings, seminars, in-house training, Nobis University Courses and brown bag sessions.