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ALLIE GOLDBERG, Staff Engineer

What do you like to do outside of work?

Outside of work I find myself either drawing, knitting, crafting, exercising, or reading. I have done everything from pencil drawing to screen printing to candle making. The project I am currently working on is knitting and crocheting a patchwork blanket where I knit small multi-colored squares and crochet them all together. I have been working on this since about September. I also love exercising. I have been running a lot recently but also enjoy spin, yoga, and rock climbing. I also enjoy sitting on the couch with an interesting book or just binge watching something on Netflix!

What are some things most people would not know about you?

I am a twin. Growing up, the two of us would switch classes every year until the time she took a math test for me in middle school. Our teachers and principals did not find this amusing and we got in serious trouble. We have not made the infamous twin-switch since. We are best friends and look very, very similar.

Why did you choose to work at Nobis?

I served as an intern at Nobis when I was in college before becoming a full time employee. As an intern, I discovered my interest in the environmental work that Nobis did. I also loved the employee-owned culture that Nobis provided.

What are you working on right now?

Currently, I am finishing up site reassessment reports for our START work. In these reports, we provided an overview of the current status and HRS scoring evaluation of five separate properties in Connecticut. In the upcoming weeks I am scheduled to perform groundwater sampling for a site in Lawrence, MA as well as background sediment sampling at Creese and Cook in Danvers, MA.