Grant & Funding Assistance,

Nobis has an in-depth knowledge of Brownfields assessment and cleanup grant and funding opportunities as a result of directly supporting federal and state agencies that provide Brownfields grants, loans and technical assistance. Nobis has worked very hard to provide this knowledge and information to new and existing customers in a comprehensive and logical manner that is easy to understand.

Each Brownfields site has its own unique characteristics and challenges for assessment, cleanup and reuse. As a result, Nobis has facilitated meetings between our customers and these Federal and state agencies. As an intermediary, Nobis provides technical guidance relating to grant and funding clarification and qualification so that these issues can be addressed and provide feedback as to whether these sites could qualify for assessment/cleanup grants and/or technical assistance can be accessed  during the application process.

Nobis works closely with our customers in the application process for Brownfields grants, loans and technical assistance and provides helpful guidance that can enhance the quality of the application. Nobis has supported the Brownfields applications for many municipalities, nonprofit organizations, and regional planning commissions which have received millions of dollars in state/Federal Brownfields funding and/or technical assistance.

It has been Nobis’ experience that initial Federal/state funding of a Brownfields site assessment helps to propel the site into cleanup and ultimately productive reuse. Our strength lies in working with private developers, nonprofit organizations, municipalities and related stakeholders to identify sustainable alternatives for redeveloping every site to its maximum potential. Our LEED-certified building design experience on Brownfields sites capitalizes on the “Brownfields to LEED” vision that incorporates sustainability and energy efficiency.