Brownfields Remediation,


  • Remedial Action Plans (RAPs)
  • Corrective Action Plans (CAPs)
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Waste Disposal
  • UST Removals
  • Soil Gas Mitigation
  • Grant & Funding Assistance

Nobis has conducted remediation/cleanup activities at numerous Brownfields sites throughout the Northeast. As part of the Brownfields program, Nobis has conducted remedial planning for its clients under applicable state or federal regulatory requirements and partners with non-profit organizations (NPOs), municipalities and developers during the remediation/cleanup process.

Our remedial planning experience includes development of Remedial Action Plans (RAPs) or Corrective Action Plans (CAPs) prior to initiating site cleanup activities. Nobis has prepared feasibility studies to include cost-benefit analyses that incorporate future reuse of the site. Nobis’ community outreach efforts have included public meetings to discuss proposed cleanup plans and solicited input and comments.

With our team of civil and geotechnical engineers, Nobis has prepared project technical project specifications for the cleanup and coordinated contractor bidding with our clients. Following contractor selection, Nobis has provided field oversight of contractor activities during remediation/cleanup. 

While striving to utilize sustainable remediation options, Nobis’ Brownfields remediation/cleanup projects have included hazardous and non-hazardous waste disposal, petroleum underground storage tank (UST) removals, building materials disposal (asbestos, lead-based paint and PCBs), and soil gas mitigation. An example of a Brownfields remediation/cleanup project is the Former Vernitron Property where Nobis worked for a NPO and assisted in the cleanup of this underutilized property and reuse as affordable housing.

Finally, Nobis has assisted our clients in obtaining Brownfields remediation/cleanup funding where possible.  See our Grant and Funding Assistance Experience section.