Environmental Investigation,


  • Phase I & Phase II ESAs
  • Site Characterizations
  • Contaminant Investigations
  • In-House Modeling Capabilities
  • In-situ Testing

Nobis’ environmental investigation services include Phase I and Phase II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs). The Phase II ESAs incorporate additional regulatory-specific site investigation requirements beyond ASTM, including risk assessments. Nobis has conducted over 3,000 Phase I ESAs throughout 48 U.S. states from 1988 to present. Nobis’ approach to ESAs is to identify early in the process whether additional work appears necessary, based on regulatory requirements and/or future site reuse. Nobis has conducted combined Phase I and II ESAs to meet expedited review of property conditions for liability evaluations.

Nobis’ technical capabilities for Phase II ESAs include conducting work in a variety of subsurface conditions, involving soil and bedrock, and experience with selecting appropriate drilling techniques for characterizing subsurface conditions. Assessing quality of a variety of media including soil, groundwater, surface water, water supply, air, building materials is part of our services. Nobis has investigation experience with a variety of contaminants including petroleum, chlorinated VOCs, PCBs, metals, asbestos, and lead-based paint. Our in-house modeling capabilities include MODFLOW, Surfer, GIS and Equis database.

Our team includes hydrogeologists with capabilities including in-situ hydraulic conductivity testing and aquifer pumping tests and assessing impacts to overburden and bedrock aquifers and other receptors. We have been involved in complex LNAPL and DNAPL sites in terms of characterization and remedial planning. Nobis has identified and performed contaminant fate and transport models at numerous sites. Presumptive remedies are often identified in the Phase II ESA and concise recommendations given.