Environmental Remediation,


  • Air Sparging (in-situ and ex-situ)
  • Soil Vapor Extraction
  • GW Pump & Treat
  • Dual Phase Extraction
  • In-Well Aeration
  • Oxygen Enhanced Bioremediation
  • Soil Excavation/Stabilization
  • Bio-venting
  • Enhanced Product Recovery
  • Chemical Oxidation

Nobis’ environmental remediation services include remedial planning, remedial design, remedial action, tank closures and remedial system operations and maintenance (O&M). Nobis has experience in completing multi-task Remedial Action Plans (RAPs) at sites of varying complexity. We’re highly capable of performing detailed cost analyses to assess effectiveness and cost of an alternative over time. Nobis multi-disciplined staff includes licensed engineers (PEs) with significant civil design and construction experience as well as licensed geologists (PGs). Nobis staff includes LSPs experienced in developing and implementing RAPs under the MCP in Massachusetts.

Nobis has designed and implemented numerous remedial systems throughout the U.S. We are experienced in the design and implementation of innovative technologies. Our design projects have also included the treatment of gasoline oxygenates, MTBE and TBA. Nobis has prepared design bid specification packages for remedial systems.

Nobis has completed over 100 UST removals in past 10 years, addressing multiple contaminants including fuel/jet oil, gasoline, solvents, acid, and hazardous waste. Nobis personnel have been trained in confined space entry and field personnel are OSHA-defined competent persons for excavation safety. Nobis’ soil/sediment remediation and treatment capabilities include such technologies as soil vapor extraction, bioventing, in-situ thermal treatment, soil excavation, and ISCO. For groundwater remediation, Nobis has performed pilot studies and full-scale remediation utilizing pump and treat, air sparging, bioremediation and various ISCO treatments to address a variety of contaminants including VOCs, PCBs, and metals.