New Groundwater Development,


  • New Groundwater Supply (Well) Exploration
  • Test Drilling & Production Well Installation
  • Pumping Test Design, Conduct, & Interpretation
  • Well Permit & Large Groundwater Withdrawal Permit Application

In the context of integrated water resources considerations, Nobis’ water supply team has helped many clients to locate, drill, test, and permit numerous new water supply wells in many states. These include Community Water System wells for municipal and water utility clients, as well as Property Owner Associations, Schools, and commercial clients. Technical services related to exploration, development, testing, permitting and protection of groundwater supply wells include water well sustainable yield assessment; new groundwater supply (well) exploration; groundwater recharge analysis; hydrogeologic and aquifer mapping (overburden and fractured bedrock); surface geophysical surveys for aquifer mapping and well siting; hydrogeologic and geologic mapping; borehole geophysical surveys for well and subsurface geologic assessment; test drilling and production well installation design and supervision; pumping test design, conduct, and interpretation; pumping impact assessment; wetland, streamflow, and well interference monitoring; and new well and groundwater withdrawal permitting.