Subsurface Condition Characterization,


  • Soil Laboratory Testing
  • In Situ Testing
  • Subsurface Exploration

Depending on the needs of the project, we develop a subsurface exploration program based on the proposed construction, our detailed preliminary evaluation of the subsurface conditions in the area, topography, surficial geology maps, historic maps and other available information.

It is important that we locate the explorations and drill to depths that are appropriate for the project. This allows us to minimize the cost of the explorations while obtaining necessary information for design and construction.

Nobis prides itself on staffing highly qualified geotechnical engineers and geologists who log the explorations. We also have well-established quality control procedures for verifying soil classifications and reviewing boring logs. 

Soil laboratory testing typically complements our soil classification data and in-situ testing services. In addition, our staff has experience incorporating geophysical methods in our subsurface exploration programs.