Boynton Road Affordable Housing Project, Meredith, NH, Meredith, NH


  • Phase I & II ESA
  • Site Civil Design
  • Foundation Design
  • Roadway & Utilities Design
  • Wetland Delineation & Mitigation
  • Earthwork Construction
  • Subsurface Conditions Evaluations

Meredith, NH

Nobis provided environmental assessment, site civil design, geotechnical and wetlands services for a non-profit organization for a new residential development.

Nobis was selected by Laconia Area Community Land Trust (LACLT) to prepare a master plan for an affordable housing project, located on a 17-acre parcel in the Town of Meredith, New Hampshire.

The parcel is located in a residential area adjacent to a manufactured housing park. The master plan was developed for a phased construction of multi-building family housing and redevelopment of a portion of the existing manufactured home park. Prior to the start of the civil design, a Phase I ESA was completed for the parcel.

Phase I included design of Boynton Road, the access road to the property. Nobis prepared permit and construction drawings for the development including; roadway layout, grading, drainage, municipal sanitary sewer extension, utility, and landscape plans. Nobis also worked with the Town and land owners along Boynton Road to obtain construction easements needed for construction of the improved road and utilities. 

Phases I and II consisted of complete site and utility design for relocated manufactured homes, and 32-units of affordable housing units located in four, two-story buildings. Nobis prepared permit and construction drawings for the development, similar to the services provided under Phase I. The site was very flat with no allowable drainage discharge to an existing city system; therefore, Nobis designed a retention/infiltration system to mitigate the increased runoff. The system was designed to percolate storm water into the sand deposits below the site. An emergency overflow was designed to connect to the adjacent wet areas.

Also, Nobis provided geotechnical services for the project including pre-design boring and ledge program, foundation support recommendation for the structures and inspections.

Nobis provided civil and geotechnical oversight on behalf of LACLT during the construction phase in 2009 and the project was completed in November 2009.

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