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New Britain, Hartford, CT

Nobis Engineering, Inc. is providing geotechnical and quality management services on the CTfastrak project in Connecticut.  The $567M project consists of a new dedicated 9.4 mile transportation corridor from downtown New Britain, Connecticut to Union Station in Hartford, Connecticut.  Approximately 5.8 miles is under construction adjacent to an active Amtrak right of way.  The three year construction project includes 17 bridges, construction of 11 new station structures, 78 retaining walls, several utility crossings, ancillary structures, and 9.4 miles of new roadway.   The overall program includes 11 contracts and seven are currently underway.  

Nobis provides geotechnical engineering consultation and program quality management for Program Manager Michael Baker Engineering, Inc. and Connecticut Department of Transportation (CT DOT).  Geotechnical engineering consultations ranges from evaluating actual conditions encountered in the field and providing recommendations for constructability, providing specialized training for geotechnical construction, to working with the public information team addressing concerns of abutting facilities. 

Quality management services include updating the Federal Transit Agency mandated project Quality Management Plan (a guide for maintaining quality from design through operations) reviewing submittals, implementing and monitoring quality assurance measures, and  preparing  monthly Quality Management reports for the Federal Transit Administration.  Nobis’s representative leads Contractor Quality Control meetings and prepared a white paper for the Program Manager evaluating quality management through the first year of construction.

The Program Manager and CTDOT utilize Primavera Contract Manager software to coordinate and review submittals, RFIs, RFCs and other project documentation.  Nobis provides insight on geotechnical and quality management submittals, requests for information, design inquiries, etc. to Michael Baker Engineering and CT DOT.

Specific geotechnical assignments include coordination of submittal review by design engineers, checking for consistency between the various contractors and designers, and preparing geotechnical analyses of unanticipated conditions.  The Program Management public information team responds to inquiries by residents and business owners.  Recently a business owner adjacent to pile driving activity requested information about vibrations and the potential effects on his building.  Nobis coordinated efforts with CT DOT, the contractor involved, the property owner, and the construction inspection staff to package information and provide explanation for the business owner

Unusual geotechnical features within the project include jacking pipes as large as 90 inches below active Amtrak service, installation of lightweight fill and GeoFoam, installation of prefabricated vertical drains (wick drains) to accelerate consolidation of varved clays, and reviewing installation and data processing from a geotechnical monitoring and instrumentation program. 

A four lane bridge is under construction to remove an at-grade crossing within the limits of West Hartford.  Construction will be staged to maintain traffic flow throughout.  The bridge requires hundreds of piles to support retaining walls, bridge piers, and abutments.  This bridge is constructed overlying the thickest and softest subsurface materials on the site.

Supported excavations retaining as much as 30 feet with multiple levels of tiebacks are utilized.  Nobis provides information to the Construction Engineering and Inspection consultants to assure construction adheres to design plans and specifications.

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