Glenallan Elementary School - LEED Gold, Glenmont, MD, Glenmont, MD






Glenmont, MD

Nobis was on a multi-disciplined team for the design of the modernization of Glenallan Elementary School. The project entailed the demolition of the existing building and the construction of a new school building as well as significant site improvements for bus access, parking and play areas.

Nobis’ site design included stormwater management facilities, erosion and sediment control, driveway access points, bus loop, play areas, ADA compliance, and connection to WSSC water mains and sanitary sewers adjacent to the site.

Because no stormwater quality management had existed on the site, Nobis designed three bioretention facilities using ESD criteria per the Maryland Stormwater Design Manual and Montgomery County Stormwater Regulations and in compliance with the Stormwater Management Act of 2007. A green roof and a water quality swale were designed to provide the required ESD volume prior to discharge into the storm drain system, via two discharge points. The green roof covers the eastern portion of the school building and uses four inches of planting media for water quality. 

Nobis prepared and processed a WSSC site utility plan. Permits were obtained through Montgomery County DPS for erosion and sediment control and right-of-way. 

As part of LEED credits, some of the existing trees were harvested and made into furniture to be used in the new school. Recycled concrete was used for base material for the parked areas.

Nobis provided construction services including submittal and shop drawing review, responses to RFIs, preparation and processing of WSSC as-builts, construction inspection for the stormwater management facilities, and preparation of stormwater management as-builts. Nobis also provided construction inspection services for the stormwater management facilities.

Nobis completed the design with the original design budget and obtained site permits prior to the project bid and more than four months prior to the start of construction.

This project achieved LEED Gold status in 2014.

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