Laytonia Recreational Park, Gaithersburg, MD, Montgomery County, MD


Environmental Site Design


Construction Management

Montgomery County, MD

Nobis Engineering, Inc. is the lead designer on an updated facility plan, final design, permitting and construction administration for Laytonia Recreational Park located on 48 acres in Montgomery County. The project involves surveying, civil engineering, traffic engineering, landscape architecture, environmental engineering, geotechnical engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, architecture, irrigation, water quality monitoring, a water quality plan, cost estimating and construction management. 

Laytonia Recreational Park is located in the Upper Rock Creek Special Protection Area in Montgomery County, Maryland. The park was designed to include three rectangular multi-sport ball fields including one championship level synthetic turf field and one championship level baseball field. The entire park layout was predicated on providing optimal orientation of the fields and taking advantage of site topography to create slopes surrounding multiple fields to allow for a natural stadium effect. In addition, since the facility was expected to hold tournaments, additional amenities such as misters, playgrounds, basketball courts and walking trails were added so participants’ families could enjoy the facility during tournaments.

Nobis Engineering's sustainable design uses Environmental Site Design (ESD) techniques for low-impact development including permeable pavements, synthetic turf, disconnection of non-rooftop runoff, grass water quality swales, afforestation, and micro-bioretention. As part of the preliminary and final water quality plan, Nobis developed a program for water quality monitoring in the preconstruction phase, the construction phase and the post construction phase in conjunction with the Departments of Environmental Protection (DEP) and Permitting Services (DPS). Nobis oversaw the installation of groundwater monitoring wells, data loggers, stream bank pins and a rain gauge as part of the 12-month preconstruction monitoring phase. Nobis, along with various subconsultants, compiled the data captured during the 12 months of preconstruction monitoring and prepared a Pre-Construction Water Quality Report. The report included analysis of groundwater chemistry including heavy metals as well as groundwater elevation fluctuations. The groundwater elevations were also compared to rain data captured at the on-site rain gauge to create a correlation between the two. In addition, a reach of Pope Farm Creek was monitored for erosion. The reach had been previously eroded.  Stream bank pins were set at various stations along the reach so erosion could be monitored. Photo documentation of the stream was provided in the report with quarterly stream channel measurements.  The completed report was submitted to MCDEP for review and was approved by DEP.

In addition to the pre-construction monitoring, Nobis has included monitoring components in the approved Laytonia Park ESC & SWM plans for during and post construction monitoring. Some of these components include, sampling locations at sediment basins during construction and permanent sampling structures adjacent to the synthetic turf field for collecting water samples for testing. 

The project involved a traffic impact study and design services for roadway improvements to create access to the new park including the widening of the existing roadway, the addition of a turn lane, the creation of a median break, the addition of a sidewalk, the installation of street trees, oversight of the construction of the entrance, and the design of utility connections for the park. Nobis is obtaining permits for the roadway improvements and the utility connections through the Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services, Maryland State Highway Administration, and WSSC.

As the prime contractor for this multi-disciplined project, Nobis is responsible for managing the project including coordinating and managing subcontractors, preparing state and local permit applications, and coordinating with Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission, Montgomery County Department of Permitting Services, Montgomery County Department of Environmental Protection, Montgomery County Department of Transportation, Maryland Department of the Environment, Maryland State Highway Administration and PEPCO. 


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