MBTA Wellington Station, Medford, MA, Medford, MA




Medford, MA

Nobis provided geotechnical engineering services in support of the 30% design for the proposed rehabilitation and expansion of the MBTA Orange Line Maintenance Facility at the Wellington Station in Medford, Massachusetts.  The 30% design included an addition along the east side of the existing building to accommodate one additional track inside the carhouse, and a relocated access road with a new retaining wall between the carhouse and the existing tracks.  Nobis’ geotechnical services and recommendations were used to support the preparation of a 30% design of the carhouse site expansion.

Nobis’ services included completing an existing conditions review, designing and implementing a subsurface exploration program, and preparing a geotechnical engineering report.    Nobis reviewed available subsurface information and as-built drawings for the site.  Nobis coordinated efforts with the MBTA and the designer to prepare a proposed soil boring plan taking into consideration existing utility drawings to complete subsurface investigation design.  Nobis was responsible for preparing work plans and Health and Safety plans, and procuring subcontractors to complete subsurface investigation activities.  Nobis then completed a subsurface exploration program overseeing the advancement of soil borings and the collection of soil samples for laboratory testing. 

Deep foundations were required for both the building addition and the retaining wall due to the presence of thick soft clay deposits.  Design and construction recommendations for both micropiles and driven concrete-filled pipe piles were provided in the report.

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