NH/VT Ash Landfill, 28 towns, NH and VT, Newport, NH


  • Landfill Closures
  • Site Planning & Design
  • Stormwater Runoff Management
  • Earthwork Construction
  • Subsurface Conditions Evaluations
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Groundwater Quality Assessment & Reporting
  • Post-Closure Monitoring & Reporting

Newport, NH

The NH/VT Ash Landfill received waste from 28 towns in New Hampshire and Vermont. Nobis provided design and construction management services for this state-of-the-art 5-acre lined landfill facility which accepted incinerator ash from a waste-to-energy plant. The landfill consisted of a double, flexible membrane liner system, associated leachate collection system, subsurface drainage and perimeter roadway. Subsequently, Nobis completed the capping and closure of this facility.

Through the facility’s 24-year life Nobis performed oversight and reporting/assessment of groundwater monitoring in accordance with the site-specific Groundwater Release Detection Permit requirements. Since closure, we have performed post-closure landfill monitoring on a semi-annual basis including decomposition gas monitoring, facility inspections, leachate generation assessment, and post-closure reporting.

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