Value Engineering

Nobis Engineering has a staff member who has been involved in value engineering (VE) since 1994. In construction, best value is represented by the performance of a required basic function at the lowest life-cycle cost. OMB Circular A-131 directs all federal programs to establish and maintain a viable VE program, with a requirement that VE studies be conducted on all projects with a procurement cost greater than or equal to $1 million. State agencies and municipalities also use VE as a tool to improve processes, reduce initial and life-cycle costs, review phasing and constructability and maximize resources.

Nobis can supply numerous team members on VE studies including technical disciplines such as civil, geotechnical and environmental engineers as well as an Associate Value Specialist (AVS) who can assist with negotiating contracts, assembling technical team members, providing assistance during the workshop, and editing and producing the technical report.